Student startup Companion featured on the Today Show

Earlier this morning, Companion, a personal safety app, was featured on the Today Show.

Companion is a peer-to-peer safety network that allows people to stay safe by keeping in touch with others while walking from one place to another. The app, available now for free in the Apple store, prompts users to enter their location and ultimate destination and then select “companions” from the phone’s address book who will then be able to track the user’s journey. If the user strays from the path, the app will know something’s up and contact the user’s “companions” who can then alert police.

The Companion team is composed of Katie Reiner (BBA ’16), Danny Freed (BBA ’15), Lexie Ernst (BBA ’17), Nathan Pilcowitz (BA ’15), Kathryn Reiner (BBA ’16) and Jake Wayne (BSI ’16). The team won the Pryor-Hale Award for Best Business at the most recent Michigan Business Challenge, in addition to the Most Successful Undergraduate team award and the Marketing Award. Companion is also part of the current Desai Accelerator cohort.

To see the segment, click here. For more information on Companion, please visit their website.


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