Alumnus’ startup, md Portal, Joins Health Wildcatters

We’re happy to share that md Portal has joined Health Wildcatters, a mentorship-driven seed accelerator.

Founded by Ross alumnus Paul Robichaux  (MBA/MPH ’14), md Portal is a telemedicine company. Its product, called MyDerm Portal, allows patients to quickly consult their dermatologist over the internet using tailored questionnaires and photos. Doctors can assess and provide treatment in less than two minutes, allowing them to grow overall patient volumes with a minimum time commitment.

Health Wildcatters is improving healthcare by supporting entrepreneurs and companies that are developing innovative solutions for the industry. Health Wildcatters’ 12-week program offers healthcare-focused startups an initial seed investment, as well as access to mentors, advisors, office space and strategic resources needed to help the startups grow.

“We’re very excited to join the Health Wildcatter program and looking forward to engaging with their incredible field of healthcare experts,” said md Portal CEO and cofounder Paul Robichaux. “It represents a significant opportunity for us to learn from experienced entrepreneurs and to accelerate our business’s growth in the dermatology market.”

md Portal was a finalist for the Dare to Dream grant in 2014 and winner of various awards in multiple Michigan Business Challenges. For more information on md Portal or the Health Wildcatters, visit md Portal’s blog.


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