Michigan Business Challenge Winner Takes First Place in Great Lakes Entrepreneur’s Quest

Fresh off its Michigan Business Challenge win earlier this year, Movellus Circuits, represented by Daniel Andersen (MBA ’14) and Muhammad Faisal (EECS PhD ’14) took home top billing at yesterday’s Great Lakes Entrepreneur’s Quest business competition, which was held in conjunction with the Michigan Growth Capital Symposium.

Andersen and Faisal have created an all-digital clock generator technology for the semiconductor market. The generators will be used in appliances like refrigerators, televisions and smart phones. Movellus Circuits’ design technology can be moved to market 80 percent faster than competitors and can be linked up to bluetooth, wireless and microprocessors for connection to the Internet of Things.

Movellus Circuits was named the best emerging company following a two minute pitch to a panel of judges and event attendees. The company will use the $25,000 prize to continue progress on its technology.

In February at the University of Michigan’s Michigan Business Challenge, Movellus Circuits was awarded the Pryor-Hale Award for Best Business, receiving $20,000. The team also received the Williamson Award for $5,000 for the most outstanding business and engineering team as well as the Outstanding Presentation award for $2,000.


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