“An Interview with the Founders of Nodify”

The Monroe Street Journal conducted an interview with the Michigan Business Challenge winner and Dare to Dream Grant recipient, Nodify. Below is an excerpt from the article.

“We hear the word ‘entrepreneurship’ thrown around Ross on a daily basis, but not many of us actually take the plunge into being entrepreneurs. Fortunately, MBAs Sam Stevenson, Adam Burns and Jimmy Ward are exploring the world of entrepreneurship as they develop their mobile app, Nodify, and are willing to discuss their journey so far.

Introduce yourselves a bit.

Sam: I’m a dual degree ERB student. Super interested in a lot of things tech, like the startup process, trying to make something from nothing.

Adam: I’m also a dual degree student with ERB.  I worked in politics and clean tech startups before coming here.

Jimmy: Dual degree ERB student. I think this is giving all of us the perspective of being an entrepreneur. We all worked in various startups as an employee and all worked on different funds for the university. I’m on the Social Venture Fund, so from an investor stand point, and now we’re putting those two pieces together of “What the heck do we do?””

To read more, visit The Monroe Street Journal here.


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