Rising Midwest Startup Activity Energizes Formation of Clark Hill’s E2 Program

Clark Hill PLC, a new sponsor of the Michigan Growth Capital Symposium, is offering a new program to help early stage to mid-sized growth companies evaluate their needs, plan and bundle services to help them succeed.

Emerging Enterprises + Entrepreneurs (E2) helps companies focus on business goals and aspirations by allowing them to:
• leverage a full service law firm that drives value in a legal spend;
• have a single point of contact that ensures a consistent legal strategy; and
• have a predictable fee structure that embraces return on investment and cash flow consistency.

“We have teams that are trained in how to approach the small business market,” said Don Lee, Clark Hill Chief Marketing Officer. “We interview the clients, understand what their needs are, build a project out over certain duration of time, and meet the small businesses right where they’re at.”

With offices in both Michigan and Illinois, Lee says Clark Hill has seen a burst of entrepreneurial spirit in the Midwest. “I think our governor in the great state of Michigan believes in small business and understands that small business is the real engine of this country,” he said. “The innovation the people are bringing to the forefront is incredible.”

Lee also noted that the need for legal services has evolved. “I believe we have a more sophisticated buyer and they are looking for value. I believe our industry is becoming more and more transparent, becoming more project management focused and really listening to their clients more than ever. The change is happening at an exponential rate.”

Due to the ever changing need for legal service, Lee said that the earlier a business contacts legal counsel, the better. “You’re building a strategic plan, a legal plan and a business plan. It sounds so cliché, but the earlier the better.”


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